Oein DeBhairduin, Deirdre Sullivan

Weave is the second of the Solstice Stories, an innovative series designed to celebrate the small, the brilliant, and the beautiful. In this unique collaboration, writers Deirdre Sullivan and Oein DeBhairduin and artist Yingge Xu explore their shared passion for storytelling, folklore and ritual. Encompassing eight stories inspired by the eight festivals in the wheel of the year, this book illuminates our experiences and traverses our fears, intertwining older threads with contemporary spaces.

Designed by artist and bookbinder Éilís Murphy in a tête-bêche format, this unique and tactile book is exquisitely illustrated by Yingge Xu.



The making of Weave: A unique collaboration 

Praise for Weave

‘Weave is utterly stunning – a book to be savoured and cherished.’ — Louise O’Neill

‘From the dangers of existing in a callous, unequal modern world, to epic battles between good and evil and not-so-simple acts of kindness, this collection weaves past and present, self and other, into something haunting and, ultimately, life-affirming.’ — Jack Fennell.

‘A unique and creative blending of Irish indigenous traditions and contemporary life. This book bathes in the rhythms of the year, encountering the Other, ones’ own Otherness, and the richness of the Otherworld, a spiritual quest worthy of the times in which we live.’ — Mary Condren.

‘An exceptional piece of work, totally haunting and compelling.’ — Aideen Barry.

‘Beautiful Celtic stories told in a magical, culturally appropriate way.’ — Chrissy Donohue Ward

Oein DeBhairduin

Oein DeBhairduin is a writer, activist and educator with a passion for preserving the beauty of Traveller tales, sayings, retellings and historic exchanges. Oein is the author of the award-winning Why the moon travels. His other works are Weave, The Slug and the Snail and Twiggy Woman. He is the Traveller Culture Collections Development Officer with the National Museum of Ireland and seeks to pair community activism with cultural celebration, recalling old tales with fresh modern connections and, most of all, he wishes to rekindle the hearth fires of a shared kinship.

Deirdre Sullivan

Deirdre Sullivan is an award-winning writer and teacher from Galway. She has written eight books for young adults, including Savage Her Reply (Little Island 2020), and a collection of short fiction, I Want To Know That I Will Be Okay (Banshee Press 2021).