About us

Skein Press was established in June 2017. We are Gráinne Shanley O’Toole, Fionnuala Cloke and Melatu Uche Okorie. Gráinne is a community worker, as well as a writer and editor. Fionnuala worked in publishing for several years before going freelance as an editor and translator. Melatu is a writer and has had works published in numerous anthologies. She is currently studying for a PhD in Education at Trinity College, Dublin.

We are avid readers who noticed a gap in Irish publishing for the voices of those from an ethnic background. Cultural diversity in Ireland has grown rapidly in the last 20 years and the Irish publishing landscape can only be enriched by making this writing available. As well as writers from an ethnic background, we hope to foster writers whose work is fresh and thought-provoking and features outlooks and experiences not often represented in Irish publishing.

Skein offers a critique and copy-editing service. See ‘Our services’