We are very excited to announce the three titles for publication in our 2022 list:

All this happened, more or less by Jayne A. Quan

For publication in August 2022

Jayne A. Quan’s debut collection of essays explores the intersection of memory, trauma, death, and love, through the lens of their transition which coincided with the death of their 10-year-old brother, and the aftermath which led to a relationship between the author and their wife. While exploring and explaining common questions about the transgender experience, Quan expands on this tapestry of it by providing vulnerable insight into their decision to proceed with a medically-assisted transition while maintaining a non-binary identity. Quan also writes about what identity means to them, how identity shaped their relationships with others, and the realisation of how to live one’s truth but only in the face of death. All this happened, more or less will be published in August 2022.

Jayne A. Quan (They/Them/Theirs) is, in no particular order, a queer, transmasculine, non-binary Asian American who received their Master of Arts from University College Dublin. Their work has been featured in BansheeCall & ResponseFirst Person PBS, and Advice For and From the Future. They were shortlisted for the 2019 Cosmonauts Avenue Non-Fiction Prize. They grew up in the sunshine off the coast of California, worked as a photographer in New York, and enjoyed the rain in Dublin, Ireland. Controversially, they claim to love cats and dogs equally.

Solstice Stories

Solstice Stories will feature creative collaborations between established and emerging writers along with a visual artist, presented in the form of a high-quality book and accompanying audio-visual experience. This innovative series will showcase the work of contemporary writers and artists, at least one of whom is from a background traditionally underrepresented in Irish literature and the arts. Solstice Stories is designed to be a celebration of the small, the brilliant, and the beautiful. It seeks to stimulate conversations and inspire hope by reconnecting us with our imaginations, and bringing people and communities together, particularly in this time of increased distance and isolation. The series provides a unique developmental space to foster collaboration of this nature, with creativity and inclusiveness at its heart. Skein Press will publish two of these bespoke books each year to mark the transformation, within and without, occurring on the solstice/equinox dates each year.

Waking Light

For publication in June 2022

Our first book in Solstice Stories is by writers Mícheál McCann and Kerri ní Dochartaigh in collaboration with photographer Michelle Moloney. Through poetry, imagery and lyric fragments, Waking Light seeks to honour the small things, the seeds of beginnings and endings, and the search for places where we find ourselves and each other. Recognising that events like the solstice and other transformative natural cycles both ground and elevate us, Waking Light is a hymn that sings of the shift in the light – the constant source of life – amidst the backdrop of a rapidly changing world. Filled with hope and elegy, these evocative reflections offer a measure of grace, solace and renewal. This limited run of 300 beautiful accordion books will be handmade by artist and bookbinder Éilís Murphy of Folded Leaf.

Collaborating Artists

Kerri ní Dochartaigh is the author of Thin Places (Canongate, 2020) which was highly commended by the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing 2021. She has written for the Guardian, the Irish Times, the BBC, Winter Papers, and others. She lives in Cornwall with her family.

Mícheál McCann is from Derry. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Ireland Review, The Manchester Review, and Queering the Green. In 2021, he was one of ten emerging writers selected by Kei Miller for the National Centre for Writing’s International Literature Showcase.

Michelle Moloney is a visual artist working in fine art photography and film. She holds an MFA in Photography and a PhD in Oral History, Archives and Conflict Transformation, both from Ulster University. Her work seeks to answer questions that have accompanied her for much of her life.  These questions, often universal, are concerned with the human need to make meaning in our lives, touching on issues of difference, otherness, identity and grief.

Éilís Murphy is a multidisciplinary artist who uses storytelling to explore the world around her. Her feminist-based practice examines hidden narratives, power structures or values that underpin and meld together a community. She uses artist’s books as a canvas to put forward her ideas and collaboration forms an important part of her practice. In 2020, she was awarded the prestigious RDS Craft Award for her book arts practice, Folded Leaf.


For publication in November 2022

The second book in Solstice Stories is a collaboration between writers Deirdre Sullivan and Oein DeBhairduin, artist Yingge Xu and bookmaker Éilís Murphy of Folded Leaf. Weave illuminates the myriad ways in which we appreciate and carve out connection with each other and the natural cadences that hum around and within us. Encompassing eight original stories linked to important dates in the traditional wheel of the year, this book weaves older threads into contemporary spaces, inviting us to celebrate both the big feasts and the everyday wonders. Accompanied by rituals, recipes and tinctures, Weave offers a unique immersion into the rites and rhythms of honouring an authentic embrace of the world.  


Deirdre Sullivan is an award-winning writer and teacher from Galway. She has written eight books for young adults, including Savage Her Reply (Little Island 2020), and a collection of short fiction, I Want To Know That I Will Be Okay (Banshee Press 2021).

Oein DeBhairduin is a creative soul with a passion for poetry, folk herbalism and preserving the beauty of Traveller tales, sayings, retellings and historic exchanges. His first book, Why the Moon Travels, was published with Skein Press in 2020 and won both the Judges’ Special Award and the Eilís Dillon Award at the 2021 KPMG Children’s Books Ireland Awards. He seeks to pair community activism with cultural celebration, recalling old tales with fresh modern connections and, most of all, he wishes to rekindle the hearth fires of a shared kinship.

Yingge Xu is an ink brush artist, meditator and art teacher. She grew up in a traditional Chinese family where she was surrounded with all the cultural elements and atmosphere. Since early childhood, she followed her father while he practiced Tai Qi, meditation and calligraphy. Later she trained at the Chinese Flower and Bird Painting Institute and continued her learning with ink brush artists from both China and Japan. Moving to Ireland in 2015 and seeing how meditation is taught and applied in the West, inspired a new perspective on her own art and cultural background. Her work has been showcased in the Chinese New Year Festival at CHQ Dublin in 2018, in collaboration with the Irish-Chinese Culture Society and China Ireland Media Association at dlr LexIcon Library in 2019, and in celebration of St Patrick’s Day by Solas Nua in Washington DC in 2021.

We are grateful to the Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon for their support.

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