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    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Your stories can be any length. If you are publishing a collection please do send us two stories for review. Kind regards, Gráinne

  1. I have written Book of Muckross . It explains that the first inhabitants on the Isles of Britain and Ireland were black and came by boat from Senegal up to 50,000 years. It is supported and referenced by facts . I would like to share my thoughts with interested members and readers and will be glad to meet your representatives for that purpose in mind.

    You can google this book. Book of Muckross by John ALLEN

  2. I am writing a novel based on a woman who left Ireland in 1726 to earn here living as a female pugilist which was not uncommon at the time. I am 56 and coming late to publishing although I have been writing and had some success as a poet for some time. Is this the kind of topic you would be interested in?

    1. Hi Anne,
      Please do send us a sample of your work to skeinpress@ gmail.com. We look forward to reading it. We will get back to you with 12 weeks.
      Kind regards,

  3. Hi, I would just like to ask if you are still accepting submissions for short stories?

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